WZL introduces Demonstrator CAMELOT on Hannover Messe 2019 - Robot for displaying Application Failures in the Factory of the Future




Dipl.-Ing. Katrin Schilling

Working Group Leader


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At this year's Hannover Messe Industrie, the WZL will be presenting the CAMELOT (Cloud Aided Manufacturing enabled Lean Orchestration Technology) demonstrator at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) booth in cooperation with BCG and the semiconductor manufacturer NXP Semiconductors. The CAMELOT demonstrator will be on display from April 1 and will showcase applications from the factory of the future. The robot will show how products can be redesigned and produced in autonomous, decentralized manufacturing systems using a combination of generative design technology, 3D printing and cloud/edge computing.

  Different components of the demonstrator CAMELOT Copyright: © WZL The demonstrator CAMELOT (Cloud Aided Manufacturing Enabled Lean Orchestration Technology)

CAMELOT is an example of how the cloud/edge architecture for federated manufacturing can be implemented, for example in the spare parts management of the future. Based on this architecture, the customer is enabled to have components manufactured on his own resources or by external service providers in line with capacity and requirements. In addition, the CAD-CAM chain is modelled as a flexible combination of services in the cloud, independent of hardware. The entire file transfer can be secured by certification of the devices and encrypted communication in order to ensure quality standards and prevent misuse of files.

The actual process execution is realized by combining the product data with the intelligently controlled production system. The digital twin of the product also forms the basis for automated component handling by the robot. The customer thus benefits from optimum availability of production capacities even in the event of fluctuating demand, and suppliers can compensate for the lack of capacity utilization through external orders.

The cloud/edge architecture is based on the infrastructure and services of AWS technologies. NXP provides the integration of hardware that enables secure onboarding of IoT devices and implements advanced security mechanisms to prevent misuse of engineering data.