Methodology for generating crosstechnology Metamodels (IKTINO)

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01.06.2020 to 31.05.2022
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Manufacturing Technology, Technology Management in Manufacturing
German Research Foundation DFG
  Production Scenario

Designing manufacturing processes in such a way that the required component characteristics are reliably generated with minimized time and cost expenditure enables significant competitive advantages for manufacturing companies. Up to now, manufacturing processes in a process sequence have often been considered and planned separately from one another and only brought together at higher planning levels. This separate approach does not take sufficient account of the interdependencies between individual manufacturing processes. In contrast to this, the cross-technological or cross-process consideration of process sequences offers a high optimization potential for manufacturing, since the individual processes can be coordinated with each other in a target-oriented manner.

The objective of the project is therefore the investigation of cross-technology meta-models for the determination of economically optimized process parameters for process sequences. To this end, a methodology is developed for generating cross-technology metamodels which, on the one hand, takes into account manufacturing technology dependencies between the production processes of a process sequence and component characteristics and, on the other hand, allows the effects of parameter reductions within the metamodels of individual processes on the prediction accuracy of the cross-technology metamodel to be evaluated. Furthermore, the methodology includes meta cost models to evaluate the total and individual costs of the process sequence. Finally, the developed methodology is implemented in software and validated on an experimental as well as a data-based case study.