Working Group Fineblanking (AKF) sets Roadmap until 2025




Dr.-Ing. Andreas Feuerhack

Workgroup Leader


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On September 05 and 06, 2018, 54 members of the fineblanking industry met for the annual network meeting in Aachen. The international working group, consisting of 37 members from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Canada, together with the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University and WZL Aachen GmbH, forms the first research community on the subject of fineblanking. 


Professor Bergs - the new Head of Chair for Manufacturing Technology, opened the two-day annual general meeting. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Feuerhack - Head of Industrial Research and Working Groups Grinding, Forming and Technology Planning - presented the Roadmap 2025.

"The aim of the Roadmap of the Working Group Fineblanking is to have a common strategic tool in order to define target parameters and to implement them systematically in the long term."

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Feuerhack, Workgroup Leader

The long-term topics will also concentrate on materials, tools and technology processes. They are intended to establish innovative tool materials in fine blanking, enable fine blenders to master new strip materials, define broaching technology as a new standard and take tool construction and development to the next level. In addition, the grinding technology and tool technology working groups will work more closely with the Working Group Fineblanking to make better use of synergies.

"Thinking in process chains leads to success, which makes cooperation between the working groups at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering mandatory."

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Feuerhack, Workgroup Leader

In the following year, the topics "Fineblanking with carbide", "Detecting wear, increasing OEE" and a study on "New materials for fineblanking" will be developed in cooperation. The annual research programme of the industrial working group is based on the various needs of the members.

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A homogeneous composition of large companies and SMEs forms the cross-industry network. The merger of experts in the field of fineblanking technology and the expertise of companies from the fields of tool technology, lubricant technology, materials technology and plant engineering creates an excellent basis for demanding collaborative research.

The aim of the industrial working group will be to generate a technological lead through the targeted processing of relevant research projects in order to provide members with a sustainable competitive advantage. The industrial working group is also an active knowledge hub for the lively exchange of experience between users, fineblanking producers, tool and material manufacturers and lubricant manufacturers. By bringing together the various technical expertise, the technologically complex interactions in fineblanking can be researched and discussed at the highest level. This enables well-founded scientific research under industrial conditions.

More Informationen can be found on the website of the Working Group Fineblanking.