Datenbasierte zuverlässigkeitsorientierte Instandhaltung von Produktionsanlagen

  • Data-based reliability centered maintenance of production equipment

Defèr, Florian; Schuh, Günther (Thesis advisor); Stich, Volker (Thesis advisor)

1. Auflage. - Aachen : Apprimus Verlag (2022, 2023)
Book, Dissertation / PhD Thesis

In: Schriftenreihe Rationalisierung 187
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 1 Online-Ressource : Illustrationen, Diagramme

Dissertation, RWTH Aachen University, 2022


In order to meet the growing demands on global value networks in terms of efficiency and reliability, manufacturing companies are confronted with the need to meet the highest standards of quality and security of supply with minimum resource input. This puts reliability centered maintenance at the center of future-oriented maintenance design as a means of using resources efficiently while minimizing risks to plant availability, productivity and quality. The increasing cost-effective availability and analyzability of data due to digitalization represents an opportunity to increase the effort and the probability of success for the introduction and operation of reliability centered maintenance. This contributes to a sustainable increase in the value contribution of maintenance for the entire value network. This work aims at creating practicable models for a data-based reliability centered maintenance. For this purpose, the elements of reliability centered maintenance are described and their interrelationships are explained. The description and explanation models are complemented by a procedure model, which enables the practical implementation of data-based reliability centered maintenance in the manufacturing industry. For the development and validation of the models, an extensive industry exchange was ensured via expert interviews, workshops and projects. The developed practical models thus contribute to the improvement and design of maintenance processes and organizations. Furthermore, the models can be used for the design of application systems for decision support in maintenance.


  • Research Institute for Industrial Management at RWTH Aachen University (FIR) [052300]
  • Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University [417200]
  • Chair of Production Engineering [417210]