Model-based thermoelastic state evaluation of large workpieces for geometric inspection

Ohlenforst, Markus; Schmitt, Robert Heinrich (Thesis advisor); Behr, Marek (Thesis advisor)

1. Auflage. - Aachen : Apprimus Verlag (2019)
Book, Dissertation / PhD Thesis

In: Ergebnisse aus der Produktionstechnik 33/2019
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Temporally or spatially unstable thermal conditions during geometric inspections lead to transient or inhomogeneous thermoelastic changes of the workpieces to be inspected. This results in non-negligible measurement deviations, especially for large workpieces with narrow tolerances, e.g. turbine components or gear parts. This work focusses on this problem and provides a model-based solution approach for the determination of workpiece temperature-related measurement deviations and uncertainties.