Unintended Side Effects of the Digital Transition: European Scientists’ Messages from a Proposition-Based Expert Round Table

Basel / MDPI (2018) [Contribution to a book, Journal Article]

Volume: 10
Issue: 6
Page(s): 2001


Selected Authors

Scholz, Roland W.
Bartelsman, Eric J.
Diefenbach, Sarah
Franke, Lude
Grunwald, Arnim

Other Authors

Helbing, Dirk
Hill, Richard
Hilty, Lorenz
Höjer, Mattias
Klauser, Stefan
Montag, Christian
Parycek, Peter
Prote, Jan-Philipp
Renn, Ortwin
Reichel, André
Schuh, Günther
Steiner, Gerald
Viale Pereira, Gabriela