Certificate Course Managing Product Complexity

26-28.10.2021 (presence)

Companies are trying to meet increasingly heterogeneous and individual customer requirements by increasing the number of variants. In addition to the increasing functionality of products through increased integration of different technologies, this leads to highly complex product programs. In order to successfully manage the growing product complexity in companies in a customer-oriented manner, the Complexity Management Academy has set up the certificate course "Managing Product Complexity", an executive program that answers individual questions on the sustainable and economic anchoring of complexity management in the corporate structure. The course is divided into the modules Fundamentals and Strategies of Complexity Management, Mastering External (market-side) and Internal (company-side) Complexity, and Anchoring Complexity Management Organizationally. The objective is to impart key skills for managers in development and sales areas. To this end, experts from industry and research highlight current trends and developments in complexity management and use case studies and exercises to impart state-of-the-art methods and knowledge for efficient work. In addition, the course creates a network between participants and speakers.

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