Certificate Course Chief Resilience Manager

01.09.-03.09.2021 (web seminar) & 05.10.-07.10.2021 (presence)

Companies often fail in the core task of responding quickly enough to a changing environment, such as new market players, different customer needs, technological change or the like, with a suitable transformation of their own operational and also strategic orientation. There are many reasons for this organizational inertia. This makes flexible resilience management all the more crucial in order to be able to react robustly to disruptive events of all kinds and thus to hold a decisive competitive advantage. The RWTH Aachen Campus certificate course enables participants and companies to set up their own value chain, business model and technology management and scouting in a robust and flexible manner using the Aachen Resilience Management Model. In addition to the modules Robust Value Chains, Business Models Innovation and Resilience Management, Technological Enablers, Collaboration Management and Environment Analysis, the role of resilience as a personality trait in the context of leadership responsibility is also discussed.

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