Basic Seminar Smart Robotics

15.11.2021 - 17.11.2021

Robots offer the possibility of flexibly automating processes. They have been established in industry for many years and have hardly changed externally. Quite the opposite is true of their internal development, for example in the areas of accuracy, programming or human-robot interaction. The basic seminar is divided into a basic and an additional module and offers in the basic module an overview of current topics and requirements of industrial robotics in the production engineering environment. This includes collaborative and mobile robotics and their use for assembly. New applications such as machining are also part of current research and industry activities. In the additional module, applications of artificial intelligence are presented, such as reinforcement learning or computer vision. The seminar consists of theoretical blocks as well as demonstrations and practical programming exercises to deepen the learned knowledge. No programming knowledge is required for the basic module. For the additional module you need basic programming knowledge in Python and ROS. The aim of the seminar is to provide participants with practical knowledge about industrial robotics and to familiarize them with the potential of artificial intelligence in this field.

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