Basic Seminar Internet for Production

21.10.2021 - 22.10.2021

The harnessing of data represents a key value driver in the production technology of the future. The technology of the Internet of Things enables the extraction of data from production processes by linking uniquely identifiable physical objects (things) with a virtual representation in an Internet-like structure. Properly deployed, the Industrial Internet of Things has a positive impact on business growth and competitiveness. However, the introduction of IoT brings many challenges and requires a coherent implementation methodology. The seminar provides an introduction to the basic concepts of IoT in the industrial environment. In addition to introducing the so-called IoT enablers such as cloud and edge, the seminar will analyze the added value of networked production for the company. Theoretical blocks will be accompanied by practical exercises to give participants an insight into data-based production applications. The aim of the seminar is to provide participants with practically applicable knowledge about IoT technologies and to familiarize them with the potential of IoT technologies for the future viability of the company.

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