Basic Seminar on Rolling Bearing Technology

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Rolling bearings play a central role in the accuracy and performance and thus the productivity of manufacturing machines. The special conditions in machine tools place correspondingly high demands on the bearings used and their design. Design engineers are confronted with questions of bearing selection, preload and arrangement as well as lubrication and sealing. After an introduction to the fundamentals of bearing technology and design and calculation, this seminar will look at various typical applications of rolling bearings in machine tools. In lectures with great practical relevance, emphasis will be placed on those bearing arrangements whose characteristics have a direct influence on product quality. These include, for example, rotary table or main spindle bearing arrangements. The content will be rounded off by contributions on the lubrication and sealing of rolling bearings, which are of essential importance for the availability and performance of the bearings and thus of the machine as a whole.

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