Sensor Technology and Data Processing

Key Info

Basic Information

Organizational Unit:
Chair of Metrology and Quality Management
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Schmitt

The aim of the STDV course is to cover the different areas of physical metrology, production metrology and embedded systems using modern application examples,
production metrology and embedded systems using modern application examples such as smart phones,
self-driving cars, drones or fitness bracelets.
The respective physical effects are presented as well as exemplary calculations are performed.

The modules are structured along the measurement chain and provide insights into the operation of
different sensor types as well as signal acquisition and processing.
The following modules are offered as part of the lecture:

  •     Introduction (to the future)
  •     Electromagnetic Sensors I
  •     Electromagnetic Sensors II
  •     Capacitive and piezoelectric sensors
  •     Thermoelectric Sensors
  •     Signal transformation and amplification
  •     Signal filtering
  •     Correlation technique
  •     Analog and digital conversion
  •     Nonlinear filters
  •     Signal transmission
  •     Optical signal transmission