Consortial-Benchmarking "Digital Product Development"


Identification of Tried and Tested Success Factors for the Implementation of a Digital Product Development

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What possibilities for the digital support of product development are there? And how can digital tools be used to increase efficiency? How do digital validation methods change the understanding of the validation process? And how must a company adapt to enable digital development?

More than ever, these questions are at the center of the development in manufacturing companies. Digital product development offers outstanding advantages for the efficiency and speed of development processes. That is why it is no longer just a freestyle exercise, but has become an obligation. Against this background, the development of digital product development holds promising potential, but also challenges.

In order to identify innovative strategies, concepts and application examples of the successful implementation of digital product development, the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University is conducting an international consortial benchmarking study together with the R&D Intelligence Center.

Consortial Partners for the Kick-off wanted!

Interested companies, as consortial partners, can determine the focal points of the benchmarking study and define their relevant questions that are to be answered within the framework of the study. For this purpose, the questions will be transferred into a questionnaire that highlights the activities of companies from various industries in the field of "Digital Product Development".

The results are used to identify companies that have already successfully implemented various aspects of digital product development. These companies will be visited by the consortium on site to learn about the promising approaches and discuss them with the experts of the companies.

From these results, proven factors for the successful implementation of digital product development are determined, which can be used by the upcoming consortial partners for themselves and their company.

Take the opportunity to get your product development ready for the next digital step and become part of the consortium! The Kick-off will take place on December 9, 2020.

Further information on the Consortial-Benchmarking "Digital Product Development" can be found at or within the brochure attached below.