Digital assistance systems in production (online seminar)

Thursday, June 24, 2021, 9:00am

Industry 4.0 changes the understanding of production, processes and services. Digital assistance systems in agile production are an important factor in this process and are associated with many advantages for medium-sized companies.

A core element of agile production within the Industrial Internet of Things is the consistent digitalization and networking of development, production and product along the entire value chain. Assistance systems in production engineering are the connecting element between human experience and the capabilities of IT systems to improve data handling, analysis, modeling and planning.

The characteristics of an assistance system can be model-driven, data-driven, communication-driven or knowledge-based. In the case of data- or communication-driven assistance systems for deriving recommendations for action, the availability of large amounts of data as well as artificial intelligence for data processing and analysis is necessary. The potential of such an assistance system grows with the size and quality of the available data, so that recommendations for action are more objective and fact-based.

In this web seminar, we will explain the basics of assistance systems along different assistance levels and provide practice-oriented insights into current research on the integration of assistance systems in manufacturing. In addition, we will inform you specifically which steps you can take towards digital assistance systems - regardless of the level of digitalization your company is currently at.

Participation in the online event is free of charge and is aimed specifically at small and medium-sized companies. No previous knowledge is required.

Further information and the possibility to register can be found on the event website.