Consortial-Benchmarking “Global Production”


Producing successfully in fast developing markets 

  Boats on the water Copyright: © Adobe Stock Markets change. The speed is the challenge.

After growing rapidly in recent years, global production networks are now facing new challenges. Unforeseeable events such as the worldwide Corona Pandemic, emerging trade conflicts or fluctuating incoming orders have far-reaching effects on production networks and supply chains. These uncertainties require a synthesis of short-term capabilities and permanent strategies. The challenge for globally producing companies is to react actively to new changes and to achieve the necessary agility and organizational structure in the affected areas in a timely manner.

So how can we improve the ability to react to unforeseen events? How can digital solutions help with controlling global production networks actively and with recognizing the effects of external factors in good time? How can we establish a company-wide understanding of sustainability to meet economic, political and social demands? And how can the greatest possible capability for action be achieved in the area of conflict between centralization and decentralization?

The identification of tried and tested success factors for the design, control and further development of global production networks in fast-moving markets will help to find answers to these central questions. In order to identify innovative strategies, concepts and application examples, the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University is therefore conducting the international Consortial-Benchmarking “Global Production” together with the Global Production Management Center. Kick-off of the study is in September 2020.


Consortial partners wanted!

As consortium member, interested companies actively participate in the study, can set their own thematic priorities and receive detailed insights into existing structures, processes and methods of the selected successful practice companies. The questions developed with the consortium partners will be transferred into a questionnaire that will shed light on the activities of companies in various industries with regard to dealing with the challenges of fast-moving markets.

The results are used to identify companies that have already found and implemented successful answers to the challenges of fast-moving markets. These companies will be visited by the consortium to learn about the promising approaches and discuss them with the experts on site. Finally, the main factors for successful production in fast-moving markets that have been tested in practice will be identified.

Are you interested in our Consortial-Benchmarking “Global Production”? Then you are cordially invited to become a part of the project and actively participate in the study! Discuss your questions with other experts and find new solutions for your company.