Additional qualification DGQ-Manager Quality Junior

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Additional qualification
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Production Metrology and Quality Management



The qualification model for the DGQ-Manager Quality Junior enables students to create an important foundation on the way to becoming a DGQ/EOQ auditor while still at university.
An additional qualification is obtained, which offers a decisive advantage at the start of professional life.


In all areas of industry it has been recognized that quality is one of the decisive competitive factors. In order to establish this quality consistently and systematically in a company, it is necessary to a large extent to have employees who know the strategies, methods and interrelationships of quality management. In addition, an increasing demand of the industry for auditors who are able to evaluate the installed quality management systems independently of the structure and size of the companies is predicted in the future.


You have the opportunity to deal intensively with this topic during your studies — by selecting the course offerings in a targeted manner towards quality management. For example, master students specializing in production engineering have the opportunity to obtain an additional qualification without additional time expenditure, which can give them a decisive advantage when entering professional life. The corresponding courses are also open to all students of the technical faculties of the RWTH Aachen University.


You will incur costs of 171,20 € for the provision of documentation and issuing of the certificate by the German Society for Quality.

University Studies

The additional qualification is open to both diploma and master's graduates.
Since the Diplom courses have already expired, the following lists the requirements that must be met by Master's students. For the requirements that have to be fulfilled by Diplom-Ingenieure students, please contact the current contact person.

The blocks I-III listed below must each be completed according to the listed creditable courses and the course must have been successfully completed with a Master (or Diploma):

  • Block I — Compulsory Catalogue (7-8 SWS, together with optional catalogue at least 11 SWS)
    • "Metrology and Quality B.Sc. (V2/Ü2)"
    • "Industrial Intelligence Interlaced Quality Management M.Sc. (V2/Ü2)"
    • "Quality and Project Management (V2/Ü1)
  • Block I — Optional catalogue (3-4 SWS, together with compulsory catalogue at least 11 SWS)
    • "Optical Metrology and Image Processing M.Sc. (V2/Ü2)"
    • "Quality Features -- Planning, Realization, Acquisition (V2/Ü2)"
    • "Quality and Project Management (V2/Ü1)" (Only if not already introduced as a compulsory course!)
    • "Sensor Technology and Data Processing M.Sc. (V2/Ü2)".
  • Block II — Workshop
    • "Methods in Quality Management (MiQ)" (Course with graded examination as part of the study programme. Registration only if participation in graded examination is desired. If graded examination is not required, please register for the certificate course with the same content (see below).)
    • "Certificate Course DGQ-Manager Quality Junior (DGQ-MQJ)" (content, location and time at the same time as MiQ (see above), but without graded examination. Registration only if not already registered for MiQ)
  •  Block III — Practical activity at the WZL/IPT network or at the IMA of RWTH Aachen University:
    • Project,
    • Bachelor or
    • Master thesis

Lectures completed at other universities can be recognised if a certificate of equivalence is presented.

Step by step

1. Check here if you meet all the requirements.

2. Wait for the answer of the contact person who will be contacted automatically if you meet all the requirements.

3. If the answer is positive, please sign the application attached to the answer and return it signed to the contact person.

4. You will receive the certificate by mail. The processing time is approximately 4-6 weeks.

What happens next?

  • have at least four years' professional experience, including two years in quality
  • Participation in at least five audits
  • Fulfilment of the personnel criteria according to EN ISO 19011
  • Course