PrOlonged Life Cycle for Electric vehicles (POLICE) – Extended (initial) service life time due to updatable vehicle concepts

Key Info

Basic Information

01.01.2016 to 31.12.2018
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Production Engineering, Factory Planning
Federal Ministry for Economics Affairs and Energy BMWi, Elektro Power II

Research partner

    • Chair of Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components (PEM)
    • StreetScooter
    • Futavis GmbH
    • Stratasys GmbH
    • Dekra Automobil GmbH

The POLICE research project aims to increase the service life time and the associated increase of the attractiveness of electric vehicles. By remanufacturing, the targeted replacement of certain components, updatable vehicles can be modernized and maintained in a new condition. In addition to the investigation of various battery concepts, the development of flexible connection elements and processes and the material qualification of 3D printing for replacement components, the design of assembly/dismantling for the remanufacturing of electric vehicles is also being examined. During the development of the assembly/dismantling concept, the main focus is on the areas of assembly layout, provision and employee qualification.