Multivariable automation decisions for volume- and product-flexible flow assembly (MAproFli)

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Basic Information

01.08.2016 to 31.03.2019
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Production Engineering, Factory Planning
German Research Foundation DFG

Research partner

    • Lehrstuhl für International Production Engineering and Management (IPEM) Universität Siegen

Traditionally, the optimum degree of automation is determined by using monetary comparison calculations. However, a purely monetary assessment is not sufficient. The aim of the MAproFli research project is therefore to develop a decision methodology for the optimum degree of automation in volume and product flexible flow assembly based on multivariable criteria.

First of all, the decision-making ability is to be improved by a context-relevant selection of the decision factors and the necessary degree of adaptability are to be mapped. Based on this, a selection and evaluation of automation alternatives can be made. An improvement of the decision quality for automation alternatives is to be achieved through the transfer of findings from ergonomics, decision theory and proven methods of economic efficiency calculation. Finally, the decision effort is to be reduced through a multivariable decision methodology and the development of a software solution based on the decision methodology. The area of investigation concentrates on the flow assembly of medium to large series.