Cyber-physical systems from small and medium-sized enterprises for small and medium-sized enterprises (cyberKMU²)

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Basic Information

01.07.2016 to 30.06.2019
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Production Engineering, Factory Planning
European Union EU

Research partner

    • fir der RWTH Aachen (Konsortialführer)
    • PEM der RWTH Aachen
    • Streetscooter GmbH
    • e.GO Mobile AG
    • Miguss GmbH
    • Pfreundt GmbH

The move to Industry 4.0 is particularly important for manufacturing SMEs in order to maintain their competitiveness and innovative capacity and to be able to compete on a global scale. Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) are essential technology components for the implementation of Industry 4.0, but SMEs in particular find it difficult to transfer the abstract term "Cyber Physical Systems" as a solution component for their operational problems.

The cyberKMU² project is developing an online platform that supports manufacturing SMEs in identifying Cyber Physical Systems and finding suitable technology providers. The selection is made through an analysis of the requirements of the user companies in the consortium and an analysis of the Cyber Physical Systems on the market. To ensure the quality of the evaluation method, the recommended solutions are implemented and validated using specific demonstrators in the user companies.