Workshop "Designing and Implementing Strategy in Toolmaking"

Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Structured development of a strategy
Operational implementation of the strategy - from management to the shop floor
Data-based services and business models
Current technology drivers in toolmaking
Automation and adaptive process chains
Applications in WBA and Fraunhofer IPT


Method "Determination of the competitive position"
Method "Definition of strategic objectives"
Method "Development of the strategic programme"
Method "Design of automation"
Method "Design of adaptive process chains"

Key questions:

What does strategy mean and which topics are relevant for toolmaking companies?
Which methods can I use to design and implement the strategy of my own company?
Which successful strategies and procedures of tool manufacturing companies exist and how do I learn from them?

Target Group:

New and experienced managers from tool manufacturing companies

Further information can be found on the event page.