Certificate Course Lean Production Expert

25.04.2022 - 29.04.2022

The practical certificate course teaches and demonstrates the lean principles in production, also through the direct transfer environment in our Industry 4.0 demonstration factory. In the course you will get to know fundamentally the seven types of waste and will receive comprehensive knowledge for process optimization with Lean tools such as the 6S method, value stream analysis and design as well as customer cycle and one-piece flow, Kanban, pull principle and the optimization of set-up processes by SMED. In addition, you will experience Industry 4.0 live in our demonstration factory.

After a theoretical introduction to each topic, you will put what you have learned into practice in our demonstration factory. Our exercises and business games are an optimal preparation to subsequently implement lean measures in lean projects in your own company.

In the Value Stream Design tool, you will record the actual value stream in our demonstration factory in the practical part of the course and develop a waste-free target value stream. The spectrum of the course is rounded off by further exercises and business games, e.g. on shop floor management, SMED setup optimization and our Industry 4.0 Factory Tour.

The certificate course lasts five days including the certificate examination and is moderated by experienced trainers and experts from the university and the Lean Enterprise Institute.

Further information can be found on the event page.