Internet of Production (CRD-B2) – Future Assembly

Key Info

Basic Information

01.01.2019 to 31.12.2025
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Production Metrology and Quality Management, Model-based Systems
German Research Foundation DFG

Research partner

    • Communication & Distributed Systems (COMSYS)
    • Institut für Arbeitswissenschaften (IAW)
    • Institut für Getriebetechnik, Maschinendynamik und Robotik (IGMR)
    • More than 25 institutes and research facilities at RWTH Aachen University and more than 80 scientists

The Internet of Production to be researched should guarantee real-time and secure information availability of all relevant data at any time, at any place. Information availability and the Internet of Production are the main objects of industry 4.0 to pave the way for a new era of production. The emergence of generated and aggregated data - the "digital shadow" of production - results in the ability to forecast with the goal of controlled, transparent production.

In CRD-B2: Production Technology, technology and application-related networking approaches are implemented to validate the digital shadow. Central objects of investigation are

  • Automatic model reductions, compositions and adjustments to achieve contextual robustness of production models
  • Implementation of tailor-made digital shadows for specific machines, processes and products, taking into account entire process chains and learning production systems
  • Integration of data-driven methods to uncover correlations and new cause-and-effect relationships - even for complex, non-linear applications

Team F - Future Assembly - develops the implementation of flexible and autonomous assembly systems to efficiently counter disruptive external factors and individual customer requirements in dynamically changing markets. While other project teams deal with the processes of casting, cold and hot forming of plastics and metallic materials, Team F is confronted with the discrete, non-linear material flows of assembly during production. The goal is to manufacture industrial products and product families in networked assembly systems that scale quasi-continuously like software. Central elements are so-called multipurpose resources, such as stationary and mobile industrial robots.

In order to realize this mission, solutions in various interdependent topic complexes have to be developed:

  • Control systems for assembly planning and control with dynamic, partly centralized, partly decentralized elements - so-called holonistic systems
  • Service of sensors and measurement technology - Coordinates as a Service - short CaaS - for real-time and global recording of system states via standardized interfaces
  • In-network processing - i.e. carrying out calculations on the network infrastructure, such as switches or routers - to
  • Processing of simple requests according to requirements and local decision making due to restricted upstreams to the cloud
  • Consideration and modelling of the human factor as a central element of modern fully networked production systems

The work of Team F has been integrated into the research programme of the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft e.V. (German Research Association). (DFG) with the project ID: 390621612 are integrated into the Cluster of Excellence "Internet of Production".