Multispectral coordinate measuring system with X-ray computed tomography for assemblies made of different materials

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Basic Information

01.07.2018 to 30.06.2021
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Production Metrology and Quality Management, Model-based Systems
Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF

Research partner

    • Werth Messtechnik GmbH
    • FineTec FineFocus Technologies GmbH
    • German Cancer Research Center
    • messtronik GmbH
    • Continental Group


In the automotive, aerospace and medical technology sectors, material defects or deviations in the geometry of structured functional surfaces of components and assemblies can significantly and critically impair their functionality. X-ray computed tomography (CT) is currently the only method with which the characteristics of a workpiece can be recorded non-destructively and completely in a single measuring process. At present, these advantages can only be used insufficiently for workpieces consisting of several different materials with strongly differing densities and comparatively large dimensions. Disturbances in the reconstructed measuring volume increase the measurement uncertainty or completely prevent a metrological evaluation.


The aim of the joint project is to develop CT-based methods for the low-artefact measurement of workpieces and component groups with the above-mentioned properties. The chosen approach is to use the advantages of a high-voltage X-ray tube with regard to the resulting improved possibilities of artefact correction. The disadvantage of the low resolution of the high-voltage X-ray tube is to be compensated by a two tube system in a combined tomography procedure with a novel microfocus X-ray tube.