Large Volume Applications

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01.08.2018 to 31.07.2021
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Production Metrology and Quality Management, Model-based Systems
European Association of National Metrology Institutes EURAMET

Research partner

    • National Physical Lab
    • Conservatoire national des arts et métiers
    • Central Office of Measures
    • Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica
    • FIDIA
    • Lab national de métrologie
    • RISE
    • Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT
    • Mapvision
    • Tekniker



Benjamin Montavon

Executive Chief Engineer


+49 241 80 20576



Modern production and assembly paradigms such as Lineless Mobile Assembly require a global spatial reference to which all participating entities can refer. Through the use of innovative, optical, large-volume coordinate measuring technology, this reference is made available as a global coordinate system with correspondence to the digital shadow.

Due to technical and economic limitations, the provision of a metrological reference frame cannot be mapped by a single measurement system. These problems can be solved by using novel, distributed measurement systems that are different in terms of technology, uncertainty and costs, but this heterogeneity poses new challenges. For each system involved, the transformation of local position information and uncertainty models into global coordinates must be made possible in order to continue to guarantee stable metrologically supported processes. In addition, harmonization of data formats and communication protocols and patterns is required to enable the compatibility of different measurement systems within an application and the efficient extension of the metrological reference framework. This problem is directly linked to general questions regarding necessary interfaces and their implementation in the context of the Internet of Production.

The chair contributes the development of the virtual metrological reference framework to the EU-funded research project Large Volume Applications - LaVA. Together with 12 other European partners - 6 national metrology institutes, 3 research institutes, 3 companies- , the project pursues the development of new large-volume coordinate metrology for industrial applications. These include a multilateration system based on frequency-variable interferometry and cost-efficient, scalable photogrammetric solutions.