Kinematic model for vibratory grinding - Construction of a kinematic model for predicting the relative speed between grinding wheels and workpiece in the unguided vibratory vibratory grinding process

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01.05.2018 to 30.04.2020
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Manufacturing Technology, Grinding
German Research Foundation DFG

The vibratory finishing process is a widely used manufacturing process in industry. Fields of application are edge rounding, degreasing, smoothing, polishing, descaling or derusting of component surfaces and edges. A selection of examples is the machining of components from the aerospace industry such as turbine blades, medical technology products, forming tools and mass products such as disc springs. However, the high industrial significance of the unguided vibratory finishing process is only matched by a low level of scientific knowledge. Ignorance of the prevailing contact conditions between the partners involved in the process, grinding wheels or workpieces, means that a large number of cost-intensive empirical preliminary tests are currently still necessary for process design.

The overriding goal of this research project is a holistic process model to explain and predict the process results as a function of the relevant process input variables.