Cluster of Excellence "Internet of Production" Fineblanking

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01.01.2019 to 31.12.2025
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Manufacturing Technology, Digital Transformation
German Reserach Foundation DFG

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  • EXC



Philipp Niemietz



+49 241 80 28212



In the Cluster of Excellence "Internet of Production", the Chair of Manufacturing Technology at WZL of RWTH Aachen University is represented with the fineblanking application case. The research approach is interdisciplinary because, in addition to classical engineering approaches such as the finite element method, models from mathematics and computer science are used to digitize the fineblanking process and to open up previously unknown cause-effect relationships. The fineblanking process as well as the input parameters, material and environment, and output parameters, quality characteristics of the components, are considered holistically in order to be able to identify dependencies between the various parameters.

Material properties of the material used are recorded online during the process in order to detect quality fluctuations and anomalies and to correlate them with the measured process data. The aim is to reliably predict the lifetime of a component with the help of the digital shadow and to highlight dependencies with the measured material properties. To analyze the process, reference process states are identified and deviating process states are detected. The aim is to investigate the causes for such deviations and the physical interpretation of these, for example to prognostically estimate the wear of active elements in the sense of predictive analytics. With regard to the prediction of component quality, traditional engineering approaches are combined using artificial intelligence methods in order to accelerate and improve existing models. This allows more reliable and faster prediction of component quality characteristics and process optimization. These three levels together form the foundation of the Cyber-Physical System Fineblanking and are part of an "Internet of Production".