Blockchain Real Laboratory in the Rhineland Territory, BR3

Key Info

Basic Information

01.01.2019 to 31.12.2020
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Manufacturing Technology, Digital Transformation
Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure BMVI

Research partner

    • Fraunhofer FIT
    • Fraunhofer INT
    • Fraunhofer IML
    • Institute for Internet Security – if(is)
    • Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB)

The term Blockchain or Distributed Ledger (DL) describes a technology for distributed data systems whose basic idea is the decentralized support and administration of cooperation processes and the associated transactions in a network. With this concept not only a new technology is linked, but also a new approach for the construction of cooperation networks and organization forms both for enterprises and for authorities and the administration. The progressive development of this technology will therefore not only replace or supplement existing technologies, but will also lead to new business models and forms of enterprise. Accordingly, companies, administrations and politicians are faced with the challenge of taking up these new developments and using them for their own corporate goals.

Since DL technology is still at the beginning of its development, there is currently a great opportunity to shape its further development and deployment. The aim of the project is therefore to develop functioning and practice-relevant application examples in manufacturing and production technology as proof of the potential of a blockchain technology for North Rhine-Westphalia and in particular in the Rhineland Territory. These application cases serve as a basis for the creation of a blockchain real laboratory in the Rhineland region, which will implement network-based cooperation in the region and beyond. The project will involve actors from science, industry and start-ups as well as associations from all over North Rhine-Westphalia in order to clarify the necessary research questions and to identify and prioritise the most promising applications with the relevant stakeholders.