Cluster of Excellence Internet of Production Subproject: CRD-C Agile Product Development

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Basic Information

01.01.2019 to 31.12.2025
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Manufacturing Technology, Technology Management in Manufacturing
German Research Foundation DFG

Research partner

  • Chair of Digital Additive Production, Informatics 11, TIME Research Area, IAW, IBF, IEHK, Institute for Machine Elements and System Development, ITA, LLT, Chair of Nonlinear Dynamics of Laser Manufacturing Methods NLD, SE, TOS


The research work in CRD-C "Agile Product Development" concentrates on the development of structures, processes and methods as well as enablers for the agile product development of cyberphysical products. In this context, the Internet of Production (IoP) enables the early involvement of different interest groups in the product development process, thus reducing delays and time-consuming iterations and significantly shortening development times. By processing multi-perspective and persistent data sets within the IoP, manufacturing companies are enabled to meet the challenges of today's dynamic market conditions.

The research focus of the Technology Planning group within the CRD-C is on integrating the manufacturing technology perspective into the agile product development process. The planning of the individual production processes for the manufacture of products takes place in parallel and in close coordination with product development, since product adaptations have a direct impact on production.

In order to evaluate these effects, it is necessary to examine all manufacturing processes for the manufacture of products linked to process sequences in a holistic manner in order to take into account complex interactions between the individual processes, intermediate product states and the final product state. Innovative models and methods for the generation of virtual images (digital shadows) of entire process sequences are being developed. This enables manufacturing companies to design process sequences quickly and adaptively and to evaluate the effects of product adaptations on the planned production at an early stage as part of agile product development. These research activities ensure close cooperation between product development and technology planning, so that synergies can be used efficiently and over the long term.