Competence profiles in a digitally networked production process

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01.02.2018 to 31.01.2020
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Production Engineering, Business Development
Hans Böckler Foundation HBS

Under the influence of industry 4.0 in particular, the metalworking industry is developing towards digitally networked production. On the technological side, production is becoming increasingly flexible and efficiency gains are being made at the same time. The role of the employees and the qualification and competence requirements to be fulfilled that accompany this change remain largely undefined.

The research project "Competence profiles in digitally networked production" is therefore intended to describe the future competence requirements for employees in the metalworking industry. Specifically, this description serves to develop recommendations for action in the design of further training concepts and contents that meet the requirements. Particular attention is paid to the description of effects on the organisational level of the companies and on the individual vocational activities. In addition, changes in work structuring and division of labour as well as newly emerging occupational roles are examined.

The results will be developed together with company representatives from small and medium-sized enterprises in industry. Activity structure analyses have already been carried out in the respective companies. This made it possible to record the status quo of main and secondary activities at the workplaces and to systematically document all tasks and activities. Employees were interviewed for further details of the job descriptions. In the further course, expert interviews are carried out to identify the influences of digital networking on the workplaces and activities and to derive changed competence requirements. The results are then published in the form of a study and are aimed at companies and representatives of co-determination.