Escape Room - The Employee in the Production of the Future

Key Info

Basic Information

01.01.2018 to 31.12.2018
Organizational Unit:
Char of Production Metrology and Quality Management, Organizational Development
Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF

The project, which received an award from the BMBF in the context of the university competition of the Science Year 2018, shows how future workstations in production can be designed. The aim of the "Escape Room" project is to communicate the current research content of the chair to the general public for future production work.

The starting point is a classical workplace in the production of a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) in the form of an "escape room". Smaller groups of maximum five persons have to solve work-related, quality-relevant problems through the strategic use of digital support tools and new technologies. The respective fields of application of the technologies represent research projects of the chair. The participants themselves decide whether and how the technologies are to be used. The targeted application should accelerate the accomplishment of tasks, i.e. the "liberation", and lead to a place on the best list. Through this playful approach, the research contents and their practical relevance are communicated to different target groups. The use of digital support tools and new technologies also illustrates the step-by-step transformation into a "workplace of the future" and demonstrates an innovative concept for developing employees' skills in dealing with new content and technologies during the work process.

The space is continuously developed and also serves direct research purposes, e.g. in the form of experiments. To demonstrate the research results, regular events take place in the Escape Room. The target group consists of representatives of public institutions, trade associations and companies as well as students and pupils. Further information and the possibility to register can be found on the website of the Escape Room research project.