Design and Manufacturing of Tools for Replication

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Organizational Unit:
Chair of Manufacturing Technology
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Klink

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A large part of industrial series production is carried out using remodelling or primary forming manufacturing processes. The range of applications extends from car body components in automotive engineering to precision optics for modern mobile phone cameras. The prerequisite for all these replication processes are tools and moulds whose design and manufacture must be specifically adapted to the technical and economic requirements of the components to be produced. In this context, the lecture conveys a comprehensive understanding of methods and technology as a basis for the design and evaluation of process chains in tool and mould making. Furthermore, new approaches for its organization and strategic positioning within the industrial value chain will be presented.



Lecture Topics

  • Role of toolmaking in production
  • Application areas and design of forming tools and original forming tools
  • Surface technology and tool wear
  • Conventional manufacturing processes & surface functionalization
  • Additive technologies and process chains
  • Toolmaking on the way to the future