High Precision Glass Optics Manufacturing

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Organizational Unit:
Chair of Manufacturing Technology
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bergs, Tim Grunwald M.Sc.

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The Students learn how to assess manufacturing processes, machine tools and metrology methods with regard to the demands of optical components. They learn how to evaluate production strategies for higher quality, higher output, higher complexity and lower costs. The critical analysis of company decisions with a technological background is another aspect. They are familiar with the latest production trends in the seminal optics branch.
Furthermore, they learn the demands on precision components, the specialities of glass in comparison to other materials, direct machining and replication methods for complex optical lens production,  the characteristics of ultra-precision machine tools for machining optical components, the measurement methods that are established in ultra-precision shape, surface and rim zone characterization.


Lecture Topics

  • Introduction
  • Machine aspects
  • Grinding I
  • Grinding II
  • Polishing of glass optics I
  • Polishing of glass optics II
  • Diamond turning
  • Coatings
  • Modeling
  • Non-isothermal glass molding
  • Precision glass molding
  • Metrology
  • Application case