Simulation Techniques in Manufacturing Technology

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Organizational Unit:
Chair of Manufacturing Technology
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bergs, Dr. Ing. Mustapha Abouridouane

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The aim of this lecture is to introduce the basic methods of modelling and simulation of selected manufacturing processes from the fields of forming, machining with geometrically defined cutting edge and machining with geometrically undefined cutting edge.

It is shown how it is possible to increase the process understanding, to improve the process safety and to optimize the working result by modelling and simulation of manufacturing processes. It is to be obtained, how by simulation of manufacturing processes also on the construction unit characteristics is to be inferred. Empirical, physical and numerical model approaches will be presented. The basics of the simulation methods will be dealt with on the basis of executed examples and the possibilities and limits of simulation will be made clear.


Lecture Topics

  • Introduction
  • Basic aspects and processes of forming technology
  • Current simulation techniques during forming
  • Fundamental aspects and the simulation of sheet metal forming
  • Introduction to the basics and simulation methods of punching and fine blanking processes
  • Principles of cutting processes
  • Overview of different cutting processes
  • Various current examples of the FE simulation of cutting processes
  • Introduction to cutting with an undefined cutting edge
  • Current modeling methods for grinding
  • Methods of validation and optimization techniques
  • Preparation and evaluation of FE machining simulation with the FE code ABAQUS