Ultra Precision Technology I

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Organizational Unit:
Chair of Manufacturing Technology
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bergs

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The course Ultraprezision Technology I first gives an overview of the topic of ultraprecision technology. The history of ultra-precision technology and in particular the use of ultra-precision technology in the field of optics manufacturing is addressed. In the following, a short section explains measurement techniques used in ultra precision technology.

The following blocks are mainly concerned with different processes in ultra-precision technology. Here, machining with defined and undefined cutting edges is presented. In detail, the processes diamond turning, polishing and grinding are covered. In addition to theoretical lecture blocks, the lectures will be followed up by practical exercises. The event will be concluded with an excursion.



Lecture topics

  • General presentation of ultra-precision machining, applications, tools, kinematics
  • Overview of the measurement technology used in ultra-precision technology
  • Theoretical principles of ultra-precise machining with undefined cutting edge - grinding and polishing processes
  • Theoretical basics for ultra-precise machining with defined cutting edge - diamond turning processes
  • Practical application of ultra-precision technology in optics manufacturing
  • Presentation of the process chain for replicative production of glass optics and direct production of mirror optics
  • Presentation of the industrial application of ultra-precision technologies through a visit to a company