Manufacturing Technology II - English

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Organizational Unit:
Chair of Manufacturing Technology
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bergs

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Based on the properties of metallic materials, the students gain in-depth knowledge in production-related topics such as powder metallurgy, tribology, edge zone damage and functional surfaces. Current developments in the fields of high-performance machining, computer-aided technology planning and hybrid manufacturing processes illustrate the latest trends in machining and forming technology. In addition to physical principles of action, students are presented with key figures for the description of productivity and economic efficiency of manufacturing processes. In combination with static test methods, the aim is to independently plan test series and calculate the corresponding costs. Finally, manufacturing technologies for promising industries such as optical components, mobility and toolmaking are illustrated with numerous case studies.


Lecture topics

  •  Material-specific challenges in cutting
  •  Tribology
  •  Signatures of manufacturing processes
  •  High performance cutting
  •  Bulk and sheet metal forming
  •  Simulation technique in manufacturing technology
  •  Digital process planning
  •  Process data in manufacturing technology
  •  Productivity and economic efficiency
  •  Tool making
  •  Power train manufacturing
  •  Gear cutting processes