Fertigungstechnik I

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Organizational Unit:
Chair of Manufacturing Technology
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bergs

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A key function for the quality and efficiency of industrial production is the choice and design of manufacturing processes. Therefore the knowledge of the technology of the manufacturing processes belongs to the elementary equipment of the manufacturing engineer. The design engineer should also have oriented himself in this field, since he is already responsible for the manufacturing costs.

According to these needs, the lecture Production Engineering I gives an overall picture of the most important primary forming, cutting, ablating, generative and transforming manufacturing processes. Beyond the presentation of the pure process principles, the listener is given an insight into the laws underlying the various processes wherever this is necessary for process understanding. A multitude of application examples enlivens the theoretical basics and shows the wide field of application of manufacturing technologies.

Skills and competences:                                                                                         

Students are able to select suitable manufacturing processes with regard to geometric and functional component properties.They are able to assess the effects of parameter changes on process forces, tool wear and component properties. This enables them to scientifically investigate, optimize and question manufacturing processes and to point out alternatives. Furthermore, they are able to explain the interrelationships between manufacturing processes and the resulting component properties.



Lecture topics

  • Introduction in manufacturing technology
  • Machining with geometrically defined cutting edge I
  • Machining with geometrically defined cutting edge II                    
  • Machining with geometrically undefined cutting edge I                    
  • Machining with geometrically undefined cutting edge II                    
  • Material removal manufacturing processes EDM                    
  • Material removal manufacturing processes ECM                    
  • Bulk forming                    
  • Sheet metal forming                    
  • Casting/Powder metallurgy                    
  • Additive manufacturing                    
  • Laser material processing and high-pressure water jet machining                    
  • Technology chain design and manufacturing-induced part characteristics                    
  • Casting processes - student lectures