Gear and Transmission Technology - for English-speaking master students

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Organizational Unit:
Chair of Machine Tools
Jens Brimmers M. Sc. M. Sc.

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The lecture gear and transmission technology follows the objective to apply the basic knowledge collected in basic bachelor and master courses in the fields of machine design, material science and manufacturing technology in the highly relevant field of drivetrain technology. Consequently, the course perfectly bridges the step from university to industry as the entire product development cycle of a gearbox is adressed. Therefore, initially a comprehensive overview on the main application fields for gearbox transmissions is given. In the exercises application-oriented insights are provided by exploring test rig concepts, machines and physical gearbox components. Following topics are dealt with: geometry of gears (cylindrical gears, bevel gears, special gears, planetary gear stages), damage patterns, noise behavior of gearboxes, efficiency of gearboxes, design of gearboxes, testing of gearboxes, manufacturing of gears.


Lecture Topics

  • Geometries of gears
  • Mechanisms of damage
  • Standardized calculation methods for design and dimensioning of gear transmissions
  • Calculation methods using finit elements (FE)