Ultra Precision Technology II

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Organizational Unit:
Chair of Machine Tools
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Brecher

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The event Ultra Precision Technology II focuses on the one hand on the process chain for the replicative production of plastic optics and on the other hand on the specific aspects of the design and characterization of ultra precision machines. High-precision optical elements made of plastic play an increasingly important role in many applications, e.g. camera lenses, automotive headlights, display lighting, medical technology, due to the mass production processes - injection moulding, injection stamping.

In this lecture series, various aspects of UP technology are presented on the basis of the production of plastic optics. For injection moulding in optical quality, the most precise tools and moulds must be available. The "optical" moulds for the optical components are usually produced by diamond machining - flycutting, planing, milling, fast tool turning. Diamond machining processes can achieve the highest surface qualities and shape accuracies, which are transferred to the plastic lenses with very low losses in suitable injection moulding processes.

For the production of high-precision mould inserts, suitable ultra-precision machines with special machine components are required, the design and layout of which is the focus of the second part of the lecture. The concluding part of the lecture deals with static and dynamic machine characterization as well as the special - thermal - requirements for the installation conditions in ultra-precision technology. In addition to theoretical lecture blocks, the lecture will be explained in more detail in practical exercise units.

At the end of the course an excursion will be carried out.


Lecture Topics

  • Process chain for the replicative production of plastic optics
  • Machining methods for "optical" shapes
  • Design and construction of ultra-precision machines
  • Static and dynamic machine characterization
  • Special - thermal - requirements for installation conditions in ultra-precision technology