Automation Technology for Production Systems

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Organizational Unit:
Chair of Machine Tools
Dr.-Ing. Werner Herfs MBA

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The lecture provides students with a comprehensive overview of automated production systems and focuses on practical aspects, which are presented in detail. At the end of the elective lecture, students are familiar with advanced concepts of robotics and production control technology and can apply this knowledge across the board and transfer it to future problems. In addition, the students can apply the concepts and principles of the engineering systems on different levels of the automation pyramid profitably and are familiar with the special problems of the planning of typical automation tasks. The presentation of individual additional topic blocks, which are often not in the obvious focus in the context of automation as a whole, enables students to understand and assess automation systems holistically and to design them themselves.


Lecture Topics

  • Introduction to the automation pyramid
  • Industrial communication systems
  • Control technology and MES
  • HMI systems
  • Vision systems
  • Tools for robot programming
  • Condition monitoring
  • Safety technology
  • Simulation