Machine Tools

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Organizational Unit:
Chair of Machine Tools
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Brecher

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Machine tools are among the most important means of production in the metalworking industry. The design and degree of automation of machine tools is as varied as their field of application. Machine tools are subdivided into primary and forming, separating and joining machines according to technological processes. The subject of the lecture "Machine Tools" is the machine tools for forming as well as for separating - dividing, cutting and removing - the workpieces. Due to the high performance and accuracy requirements, the designer of these machines must ensure optimum design of the individual machine components. This requires comprehensive knowledge of the physical properties of the components, machine elements and drives as well as their control and regulation. This basic knowledge is conveyed in the lecture Machine Tools.


Lecture Topics

  • Machine types, designs and areas of application
  • Design and calculation of machine components (beds, racks, guides, bearings)
  • Metrological investigation and evaluation of machine properties (static, dynamic, geometric, kinematic, acoustic and thermal)
  • Motors and converters; feed drives and position measuring systems