Quality and Law

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Organizational Unit:
Chair of Prodcution Metrology and Quality Management
Philipp Reusch

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The aim of the QuR course is to provide a legal basis with practical relevance for the engineering profession
to mediate. Today, many engineers are touched by basic legal knowledge in their practical work, but it is only occasionally offered in the curriculum of RWTH Aachen University and other universities. However, practice does demand such knowledge or even requires it in some cases. Contents of the seminar are e.g. contractual and legal liability, product safety law - see Machinery Directive - as well as criminal product responsibility.

The course is intended to provide a basic understanding of these legal framework conditions and at the same time to provide a link to familiar contents from the studies such as construction and design, quality and risk management or complaint handling, which also have legal significance in each case. In order to guarantee the workshop character, the number of participants is limited to approx. 25 students. Registrations will be considered in the order in which they are received. QuR lives to a very special degree from an active participation, therefore an attendance obligation applies on both seminar days.


Lecture topics

  • Legal foundations
  • Warranty right
  • Producer and product liability
  • Legal quality requirements
  • Product safety law