Experience Industry 4.0 Live - Hands-on from Concept to Application

Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 9am to 5pm

"The term is simple, but the concept is highly complex. Not all have grasped the full implications." This quote from Prof. Henning Kagermann, President of the German Academy of Engineering Sciences, sums up the problems of many manufacturing companies well: Decision-makers find it difficult to break down the ideas of Industry 4.0 into concrete goals for their organization. Thus great potentials of the paradigm shift remain unused in the concrete implementation. After all, what are the first steps that need to be taken on the way to Industry 4.0?

What effort is justified during implementation? And what are the long-term goals to be pursued? The aim of the seminar is therefore to combine theoretical understanding with practical application. The versatile facets of Industry 4.0 are to be understood in depth and experienced live in a 1,600m demonstration factory. In addition, the participants will use their newly acquired knowledge to develop a first specific implementation strategy for their company. Through an "Industry 4.0 - Position Determination" and the development of technology approaches, a first participant specific roadmap will be developed, guided by experts of the WZL, which will be discussed together with the seminar group.