Basics of Control and Drive Technology

Tuesday, November 10 to Wednesday, November 11

Feed drives have a significant influence on the performance and productivity of production machines and machine tools due to their dynamics, reliability and accuracy. They therefore represent a key factor for economic manufacturing and production operations. The seminar imparts specialist knowledge on the design, parameterisation, commissioning and optimisation of drive systems in production systems. The focus is on the required components and control technology.

After an introduction to the technology and functionality of motors, inverters and control systems, the basics of control engineering with a close connection to practice are dealt with. Subsequently, control loops and their suitable parameterization are addressed. Subsequently, the seminar deals with measures for system optimization through the use of various filters and their effect on the drive behavior. Trace functionalities of the NC control and ballbar tests are used to test the results obtained and are used with the participants in real drive systems.

The seminar is rounded off with the current state of research in the field of drive technology. In various practical parts, the previously theoretical knowledge will be deepened and applied step by step to control simulators and machines.

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