Certificate Course Agile Innovation

Monday, June 22 to Friday, June 23, 2020

The Certificate Course Agile Innovation enables you to successfully introduce and implement agile product development processes. For this purpose, the established practices of agile development processes in software development are reflected and adapted with regard to their applicability in the context of technical products. In addition to teaching the theoretical basics for the introduction of agile product development processes, as a course participant you will apply what you have learned directly by means of case studies. The effective knowledge build-up as well as critical reflection is also ensured by the involvement of guest speakers from industrial practice. The course covers the key skills you need as an Agile Coach to introduce and implement agile product development processes in your company.

After introducing the basic agile principles at the beginning of the course week, you will learn how to define an agile process framework for technical product development projects. Building on this, the necessary methods, tools and roles for the implementation of development sprints will be introduced. As an Agile Coach, you must be able to integrate agile product development processes into the existing organizational and operational structure of your company. Appropriate integration and hybridization concepts will be presented and reflected on the basis of your own company examples. Finally, the introduction of agile principles requires a change in culture, which you as an agile coach will significantly shape in the cooperation of the project teams. The necessary basics as well as insights from business practice will be conveyed at the end of the course week.

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