Ultrafine Filtration of Cooling Lubricants – Influence of Ultrafine Filtration on Water-Miscible Cooling Lubricants

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Basic Information

27.04.2022 to 27.04.2023
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Manufacturing Technology, Grinding Technology
Industrial Working Group on Cooling Lubricant Technology IAK KSS

Research partner

  • Alliance of several industrial companies from cooling lubricant technology


In industrial machining applications, filter systems are used to clean the cooling lubricant. In contrast to processes with a geometrically defined cutting edge, very fine chips are produced during grinding. Accordingly, the use of fine filtering methods is essential. However, fine filtration can also affect the throughput capacity and thus lead to a reduction in the effective performance of the filter system. Furthermore, performance additives can be filtered out of the cooling lubricant.

It is not yet known to what extent ultra-fine filtration influences the chemical and physical properties of the cooling lubricant. The aim of this research project is therefore to identify the influence of ultra-fine filtration on water-based cooling lubricants and to derive recommendations for industrial practice.