AKWT TP 4 – Cutting Edge Preparation of Carbide End Mills

Key Info

Basic Information

01.12.2022 to 22.11.2023
Organizational Unit:
Chair of Manufacturing Technology, Grinding Technology
Research Circle Tooling Technology (AKWT)

Research partner

  • Alliance of several industrial companies from tooling technology


Cutting-edge microgeometry significantly influences the process behavior of cutting tools, such as tool life and the workpiece surface quality. During cutting-edge preparation, the tool microgeometry is specifically adjusted. Thus, by increasing the edge stability, an increase in process reliability and tool life is achieved. In addition, cutting-edge preparation improves the workpiece surface quality by reducing the tool dynamics, especially in the case of milling tools. A large number of different processes are used industrially for cutting-edge preparation. Examples include flakkoting, wet blasting, magnet abrasive finishing, and mass finishing.

However, the influence of the cutting-edge preparation process on the cutting-edge microgeometry and the tool surface properties and hence also on the application behavior of the cutting tool is not well known. Therefore, a knowledge-based process design for cutting-edge preparation is currently not possible. The aim of this subproject is therefore to identify the influence of the cutting-edge preparation process on the cutting-edge microgeometry, the tool surface properties, and the application behavior.