Circular Economy - Lifecycle Management in Manufacturing Companies


Starting: April 2022



Michael Riesener

Geschäftsführender Oberingenieur


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Sustainability is increasingly becoming a decisive competitive factor in the manufacturing industry. Entire value chains must be rethought and redesigned in the sense of a circular economy. Companies must approach the paradigm shift from a transactional business model to thinking in terms of circular value creation structures strategically and at the same time implement it operationally. Lifecycle management must be systemic in order to understand and design circular business models, sustainable product concepts, resource-conserving production structures, long-term use of products and efficient recycling of materials. The Circular Economy approach addresses the necessary fields of action for a holistic change of companies in the four perspectives Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. In addition, there are the organizational and technological prerequisites that have to be created in a company for alignment with the Circular Economy. The topic affects all industries that are on the verge of making the transition to sustainable, circular value creation.

Together with innovation leaders from industry, we are launching our consortium benchmarking, which aims to identify the success factors for the integration and application of the Circular Economy in companies and to derive cross-industry recommendations for action. In addition, we would like to promote mutual exchange in the network with international companies from different industries.


    • Material recovery
    • Circular Production
    • Product sustainability
    • Circular business models