IconPro GmbH


A new spin-off of theLaboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) has emerged from the chair of production metrology and quality management of Prof. Dr.-Ing Robert H. Schmitt - the IconPro GmbH. The customers of IconPro profit from increased quality and productivity by the recognition and use of optimization potentials and the avoidance of bottlenecks in their production and inspection processes. Production process data is extracted from ERP, MES or SPC systems and analyzed and correlated by machine learning algorithms.

The entire process can be fully automated and visualized in the form of dashboards. In addition, IconPro GmbH also offers individual consulting projects and workshops on the topics of "Production Process Mining" and "Artificial Intelligence in Quality Management". Its head office is located at Kraftversorgungsturm 5 in Aachen. Prof. Schmitt accompanies the fate of the newly founded company together with his managing chief engineer, Dr.-Ing. Martin Peterek, as scientific advisor.

Further informatiion can be found on the IconPro GmbH website.