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Fields of Expertise

At the Chair of Manufacturing Technology, we research the process technologies of the future, fundamental and close to industry. The Department of Grinding Technology has decades of expertise in the manufacturing technologies of surface and profile grinding, tool grinding, external cylindrical grinding - between centers and centerless - as well as vibratory finishing and abrasive flow machining.

The four main research areas of the department are grinding of new and innovative materials and material characterization, knowledge-based process design and optimization, digitization of grinding processes, and research and realization of functional surfaces through grinding and finishing processes. The Department of Grinding Technology has one of the most modern and extensive research machine parks for grinding technology in Europe.



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Error analysis and optimization

Analysis of existing grinding processes and derivation of optimization measures to increase efficiency and reduce costs based on audits and involvement of our network of experts

Material and technology screening

Systematic identification of trends with regard to new materials or machine components and concepts in grinding technology as well as derivation of operational recommendations for the industrial sectors in grinding technology including market and customer analyses on request

Experimental grinding tests on state-of-the-art grinding machines

Carrying out experimental grinding studies on our state-of-the-art grinding machines with process state variables monitoring for systematic analysis and evaluation of the performance of the tool, material, cooling lubricant and system components. Recording of process results with tactile and optical measurement technology and, on request, edge zone analysis in our in-house material analysis laboratory (test planning and scope are determined individually with the customer).

  Sketch The Department of Grinding Technology researches grinding technologies of the future from the fundamentals to industrial application

Design of grinding processes

Methodical selection of the most suitable grinding machines, grinding and dressing tools, grinding process parameters and cooling lubricant strategies based on the respective application through systematic grinding studies on state-of-the-art and industrially common grinding machines

Evaluation of grinding processes

Data-based evaluation of economic efficiency, component quality or/and environmental sustainability of grinding processes using self-developed and established software and hardware


Methodical benchmarking of newly developed grinding process components (comprehensive database with technological and organizational key figures and over 1,000 data records, not older than 5 years)


Networks and Seminars

Research Circles: Grinding Technology and Tooling Technology

The Research Circle Grinding Technology (AKS) and the Research Circle Tooling Technology (AKWT), which are conducted jointly with the WZL Aachen GmbH, serve the trustful pre-competitive research of their member companies and offer a platform for a lively exchange of experience between industry and science. The needs of the member companies are the focus of the research projects.

The Research Circle Grinding Technology (AKS) is an interdisciplinary association of manufacturing companies (manufacturers of grain materials, grinding tools, cooling lubricants, grinding machines, as well as users from the tooling, automotive and aerospace industries or drive technology, among others) that cooperate with the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL at RWTH Aachen University to jointly solve technological, economic, and strategic issues related to grinding technology. By deriving industrially usable operational recommendations, the member companies are enabled to implement product and process innovations in their own companies at an early stage.

The Research Circle Tooling Technology (AKWT) systematically discusses technological, economic and strategic issues covering all steps of the process chain for the production of tools for cutting with geometrically defined cutting edges, and researches them from a holistic viewpoint of manufacture and use. For the members of the AKWT (cutting material manufacturers, machine manufacturers, tool grinders, grinding wheel manufacturers, coaters and users), an advantage over competitors is generated by solving industry-relevant problems.


Seminars: Basic Seminar Grinding Technology and Advanced Seminar Centerless Grinding

In our Basic Seminar, which is held jointly with WZL Aachen GmbH, the participants are taught the fundamentals of grinding and dressing processes, tools, the use of cooling lubricants, sensors and measuring equipment in order to better understand and independently solve grinding problems and their causes in everyday industrial work. The theoretical and practical training content is aimed at users of grinding technology, master craftsmen, employees in the field of machine operation and workshop management, as well as people from the work preparation, production, service and sales departments.

Our Advanced Seminar Centerless Grinding, which is held in cooperation with WZL Aachen GmbH, is unique in the German-speaking area. Centerless grinding is considered to be the pinnacle of grinding technology due to the large number of parameters. Seminar participants are taught the fundamental interrelationships between the parameters and the workpiece properties generated during centerless grinding in order to be able to systematically design and optimize processes independently in their own production.



Grinding Conference

The grinding conference Schleiftagung in Stuttgart-Fellbach is considered the central interface between research and industry in grinding technology. Together with our speakers, current issues concerning the shortage of resources and the ecological change in grinding technology are discussed. Expert presentations from industry and research will provide information on product and process innovations for sustainable efficiency increases.

Basic Seminar Grinding
Insight into the basic seminar on grinding technology