SFB TR96 Final event ICTIMT2023

March 21 to 23, 2023

The aim of the SFB/TR 96 is to contribute to the solution of the conflict between energy consumption, accuracy, and productivity in machining. The approach pursued is based on measures that allow the process to be controlled despite increasing power losses without additional energetic measures under thermally unsteady ambient conditions and under conditions of single and small batch production. The SFB/TR 96 researches and develops effective correction and compensation solutions with regard to the thermo-elastic machine behavior, which enable machining precision under the future conditions of energy-efficient production. In the demonstration phase, the research work is related to the entire machine. Based on the investigations on simple partial and complete models, correction and compensation solutions are extended to the application for the complete machine under the conditions of real operation. This results in new scientific challenges due to a large number of uncertainties and parameter fluctuations to be taken into account. The models have to be extended for this purpose and new solutions have to be developed for the control of variable operating conditions such as an online identification.

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